Shooting at the History Center

IMPP Exhibit at the History Center

IMPP Exhibit at the History Center

We had a successful day of shooting today at the History Center. We met Scott Callan, the executive director of the History Center, and we learned about the different projects the museum does to keep people informed about the history of Ithaca.  He said the Center is important because we have plenty of students and tourists who pass through Ithaca and they should have a place where they can learn about Ithaca’s history.  The History Center is working with the Ithaca Motion Picture Project on their museum in Stewart Park. In addition to providing materials, they will also have more space in the IMPP museum to show new collections.  This was especially exciting to Callan because the History Center has plenty of materials in archives that they would like to show to the general public.

We also interviewed Diana Riesman again from the IMPP because the footage from Stewart Park was partly ruined due to the windy weather.  Riesman told us more about the exhibits at she had curated as part of Ithaca Silent Movie Month in October all around Ithaca, and we had the opportunity to view one of the exhibits currently housed at the History Center.  Overall, we had a great time looking around the museum and learning more about Ithaca’s history.


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