Post Production Week 1

This week, we applied what we learned in class to start editing our interviews using Final Cut 7.  We found the editing software to be easy to use and we are pleased with the footage that we are getting.  One of our issues is color correcting some of the interviews because we did not use a backlight at the History Center, so it is a little dark.  We plan to fix this problem with final cut once we finish going through the interviews.

Another important component in our production process is finding more materials for our b-roll since this is a historical documentary.  We got a treasure trove of photos from Ithaca Made Movies last weekend and we can’t wait to decide which ones to use in our project.  In class, we learned how to use the Ken Burns effect to make our pictures last longer on the screen.  We also watched three different productions made in Ithaca that we hope to use in our documentary.  Through watching these documentaries, we started to see some connections between our interviews and the movies.  We’re excited to continue working on our post production next week!