Production is Up!

You can now watch our film under the Documentary Film tag in the heading of this website.  We had a great time working on this film.  We learned so much about Ithaca’s history with silent film and we are excited that we were able to leave our mark in Ithaca’s history with the creation of this documentary.

We want to thank Terry Harbin, Diana Riesman and Scott Callan for all of their help and support in making this documentary.  We learned so much from you, and your support means a lot to us.


Post Production Week 6

After a successful screening of our second rough cut in class we received a lot of positive feedback, constructive criticism, and some helpful advice.  We have been implementing these changes and are fine-tuning the documentary to make sure it looks the best that it possibly can for the final screening. 

When the documentary is complete we will be making another post which will include a video link to Youtube. 



Post Production Week 5

On Tuesday, April 23 we met with Scott Callan at the History Center for a follow-up interview.  We slightly changed our location and had much better results.

In the editing room we made a significant amount of progress this week and the finish line is in sight.  The documentary is really coming together and just needs a few more fine touches.  The screening of our second rough cut will be on Thursday in class and we are eagerly awaiting our colleagues’ comments and feedback.

Post Production Week 4

This week we continued to work on our rough cut, turning it more into a finished product. We added new b-roll and took out some of the effects we used on our photos. We think that the movie flows much better that way and the movement isn’t as disorienting. We’re going back through our footage to try to find good soundbites to add and help our story come full circle. 

Tomorrow we are going back to the History Center to reshoot our Scott Callan interview. Hopefully we’ll get better lighting and get good information from him to add a different perspective and give our documentary more historical background.  

Post Production Week 3 Rough Cut

We are still in the thick of editing process but, we are starting to make some serious progress.  A story line has begun to form and we are starting to see the important message our documentary can deliver to an audience.  

On Thursday we had a screening of our rough cut in class and received a lot of constructive feedback from our professor and colleagues.  Having an outside perspective has helped us find the little mistakes we were missing and has provided us with plenty of helpful advice and suggestions.

Please be on the look out for a YouTube link to our rough cut video, a trailer to our documentary, and future updates over the next week.