Production Team

Alexander Sieger is a senior, journalism major at Ithaca College with a concentration in broadcasting.  In his four years at Ithaca, Alexander has gained experience by working on and helping to produce shows for both the Ithaca College radio (WICB/VIC)  and television station (ICTV).  In the fall of 2011 he interned at KCBS/KCAL in Los Angeles where he worked on three, nightly sports broadcasts each week.  After graduation Alexander wants to pursue his dreams in the field of sports broadcasting.

Alex Ash is a senior journalism major and spanish minor. He spent the last semester in LA interning and gaining an interest in TV production, especially behind the scenes. He hopes to work either as a camera man or a producer in the future.

Sara Friedman is a senior journalism and politics major. She has written for The Ithacan and interned at the Voice of America and National Telecommunications Administration. She is excited to work in a new medium to tell stories and learn more about Ithaca’s history.


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